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About Us:

Kpop College is an online non-accredited university. We are still in Phase I of our launch building our base around the globe at first. Once we secure enough investors it's our goal to pursue Phase II where we will construct a college campus on land for our students. But for now, just enjoy our online campus, meet new friends, have fun, learn about talented Kpop artists, learn Korean, dancing, singing and more! Scroll down the page to locate students in your home country. Students from all over the globe are attending our university!

Kpop College - Popularity Score

Thanks to all the great students at Kpop College who are helping make your university the most popular college on the planet! As you can see from Google Trend Analysis, Kpop College popularity keeps on increasing year after year. The dotted line at the end shows the projected growth by Google. Not only is Google saying Kpop College is rising, but also Alexa the website metric analysis site, where our daily page views is even higher than Facebook and YouTube! Not too bad for students who are competing against $ Billion dollar companies. Keep up the great work students in getting the word out to your friends about Kpop College, you're rock'n the universe with your strength!

The Kpop College Journey to Success

Teamwork, Optimism and Perseverance
Do you have what it takes to become a Kpop star?

How to achieve success?

For a bicyclist to reach his or her designation they have to depend on both the front and back wheel. To reach success as a future Kpop music artist, actress or actor it is imperative that you use both tires. Think of the front tire as "you" and the back tire as your "teammate". If you only take time to focus on the front tire your back tire will lose air and go flat. This will prevent you from reaching your goal. 


To many students will never reach their dreams of becoming a Kpop artist, actress or actor because they spent nearly 100% of their time on themselves. To become successful students need to devote 50% of their time on their skills and 50% on their teammates (classmates) here at Kpop College. This means giving them constructive feedback, following them, liking their covers and posts and leaving them comments on their wall.


The journey to become a future Kpop artist, actress or actor along with many other endeavors will undoubtly have many Detours. The path will become fuzzy and go in and out of focus, many obstacles and challenges will go up against you. For those students that stay "Optimistic" this will lead you to the path of daylight where your dreams become more clearer. 


Lastly if students don't strive with perseverance they will surely not reach their dreams. Everyone wants to become an idol, but only those that persevere will get the possible chance to become a future star. Becoming a star is like running a marathon, it's not a sprint with a few tries, but it's a long road ahead to reach your goal. Many will throw in the towel and give up, but for those with perseverance their chances will undoubtedly increase.

Can you make it?

Start today by showing your teamwork skills by watching and leaving constructive feedback for your fellow classmates here at Kpop College with the covers they posted. Like their social media, their videos, friend request them, leave them positive messages on their student wall. Think optimistically every day, don't get discouraged and don't give up the race, your perseverance will get you the opportunity that you're dreaming of for years.

Kpop College Courses

Learn Kpop Dance

Learn from the Kpop professionals.

Learn Kpop Singing

Learn from a Kpop artist.

Learn Korean

Learn Korean language from HanNa.

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Kpop Artist Spotlight: Jessi

Jessi (Jessica Hyun-ju Ho)
Social Media pages:

A post shared by Jessi 제시 (@jessicah_o) on

A post shared by Jessi 제시 (@jessicah_o) on

Kpop College Student Anson - Rising Legends Season 2

Congratulations to Anson a student here at Kpop College who makes it all the way to the Finals in the Cube Entertainment / Soompi Rising Legends Season 2 Audition in 2017. The competition was open to everyone on the planet and Anson rises to the top to take 3rd place! Watch her great performance below and her other fantastic covers. Anson was also recently interview by CBC in Canada! Send her a friend request and congratulate your fellow student on Kpop College campus for her outstanding work!

Follow Anson on her social media:

Kpop College




Be sure to send a friend request to Anson here on Kpop College and leave her a message on her wall.

Visit Cube & Soompi Rising Legends Season 2 Final winner page to check out Anson's results.

Health & Beauty

Everyone knows their Chronological Age, but do you know your real Biological Age?

Your biological age is a metric that calculates how healthy you appear to be. There many types of biomarkers, but if you're looking for a quick easy way to calculate your biological age then visit: What is my Biological Age? After you find out, leave a comment on our Kpop College forum page to let other students know how close it is to your Chronological Age. 

To be a Kpop Artist, Actress or Model you need to be in good healthy condition. Many Kpop artists work long hours to prepare for their onstage performance. Being healthy is a very important condition you must have. As a you grow older and age it becomes more difficult to compete with the younger rising artist, this is where you need to maximize your health condition so you can compete. And when you grow even older you start showing signs of aging and becomes a point where you need to throw in the towel. But what if you could stay young for a much longer time? Wouldn't it be wonderful to look and feel healthy in your later years when you turn 40's, 50's 60's... 90's, 100's...? Wouldn't you still love to dance, sing and perform on stage for the world? 

If so, then let's solve the World's Greatest Problem, by learning why humans age in the first place. With advanced technologies and ever increasing scientific knowledge, we are now at a point where we can actually repair accumulated molecular damage faster than it occurs. Not only can you strive to become a famous Kpop artist, but you can also help solve the World's Greatest Problem too!

Kpop College Students Location from (45 Global Countries)

For those students that post a photo on their profile page, we will work on adding your name below. This will permit other students around the globe to quickly locate other Kpop friends in their home country or other countries they want to make friends with. Or you can check out the Kpop College Student Directory to locate new friends. If you don't see your name listed and you have a photo uploaded to your student profile page, stop at the Student Forums section to let us know. 

Be sure to stop by a new student page on a regular basis to send your friend request!








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Kim Eunri


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Czech Republic

LucyMartina, SunHye


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BabyHoNam GorKrazyHk, Sayo K




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Saudia Arabia

Fatima, Geo

Sri Lanka

Lee Min Ha

South Korea

HyejinKittycat, XShiae


Alba, Belenada

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Susheera RZo-Marie Debisette