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Korean Teacher: Han-Na Kim (김한나)

Visit her official links:

Profile - Learn Korean - Twitter - Facebook - YouTube - Instagram

About Us:

Kpop College is an online non-accredited university. We are still in Phase I of our launch building our base around the globe at first. Once we secure enough investors it's our goal to pursue Phase II where we will construct a college campus on land for our students. But for now, just enjoy our online campus, meet new friends, have fun, learn about talented Kpop artists, learn Korean, dancing, singing and even about Science! 

College Admissions

Visit Kpop College Science Department to learn more about Age Rejuvenation and how you can help elderly people who suffer from an onslaught of age related diseases.

Student Campus Activities

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Student Birthday's

Friday, Jun 9 All Day
Saturday, Jun 10 All Day
Monday, Jun 19 All Day
Thursday, Jun 22 at 4:00 AM - Friday, Jun 23 3:59 AM

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Kpop College News


Kpop College's new Fashion Clothing and Apparel Line called: KElegance has now completed Phase I of our global search. Meet our four Beautiful Fashion Models who will represent our new clothing line!

Seyeon (United States) - Leader

Iseul (South Korea)

Rynn (Europe)

Fei (China and Canada)

We are now in Phase II, as we identify the manufacturer for the new fashion line. If you're a manufacturer contact us if interested.

Makeup Artist - Natalia Caol spokesperson for "Kutye" ©

Kpop College new "Makeup & Cosmetics" brand called "Kutye" is in the first stage of our new product launch. The spokesperson for our new makeup brand is the beautiful Natalia Caol.

Natalia will be leading this effort as our official spokesperson for this new line of makeup and cosmetics by Kpop College. We are in the early phase of our new product launch but our goal is to have Kutye become a global brand for the masses. 

The slogan for our new makeup brand "Kutye" is: "You're a Beauty with Kutye". Natalia's first assignment was to create a name for this makeup brand in which she coined the name "Kutye". We love the name and believe it will be a hugely popular in stores all over the globe!

Caption My Drawings

Please meet RinSigh an Illustrator at Kpop College. She will be creating a new drawing every 2 weeks that we will post on Kpop College.

This is your chance to show your creative juices in your mind by leaving a "caption" for her great drawings. Let's see which students on campus have the most unique and intriguing minds to come up with the best captions for RinSigh's Anime, Manga and Cartoon drawings!

Visit: Caption My Drawings page

Show your support to RinSigh by friend requesting her on Kpop College and by supporting her by with a coffee at KoFi.

Weekly Student Spotlight

Please meet Nikki a student here at Kpop College! She is from the country of the Philippines. She likes dancing, singing and writing short stories.

Please be kind to her and send her a friend request here on Kpop College to introduce yourself.

Previous Featured Spotlight Students:

Nikki - LoveLeo - Nora

Kpop College Special Feature Artist: Nine Muses

Nine Muses - "Drama"

Copyright ⓒ 2001-2015 STAREMPIRE ENT. All rights reserved 

Homepage - Twitter - Facebook - YouTube - iTunes - Weibo

Kpop College Poster

Kpop College student and talented artist, Miya (Qiseki) releases her 1st drawing for our university. The new poster is a great representation of students enjoying their time on campus here at Kpop College. For those students and visitors that would like to purchase Miya's great new poster of Kpop College students please visit her site: Qiseki Be sure to send her a friend request on Kpop College!


Meet Kpop College's new Kpop girl group called Pink Secret! The talented members of the group are Sally, Betty, Linda and Jennifer.

Their first original Kpop music video debut is planned for the Summer of 2017! Start following Pink Secret now and help them become Kpop College's first international hit Kpop girl group!

Cute Kpop Twitter Tweets

Kpop College

Campus events to participate in!

Monthly Vocal Contest

Enter the monthly vocal contest here at Kpop College and one lucky winner will have their performance reviewed by South Korean Kpop Artist Chaerin Kim!

One of Chaerin's previous students went on to become a trainee at SM!

Selca Tournament

Last year's winner of the 2016 World Kpop Selca Tournament was Seyeon, a Beautiful Model is who now leading our new Kpop College fashion line called "KElegance".

Register now to participate in this fun annual event starting Jan 1, 2017! Who will go on to become the World Kpop Selca Champion in 2017?

Post your Covers

Do you have the dance moves to become a successful Kpop artist? Post your covers here at Kpop College for other students to review. With over 5,600 students and the #1 Ranked website in the world for Kpop auditions, this is your best chance to get noticed. Watch a sample from Kpop College girl group: ALYGAEL

Team Thunder Tweet

Participate in Team Thunder Tweet here at Kpop College. The purpose is to help create students at Kpop College to get noticed by South Korea Kpop artists, actresses, actors. When we work as a team, artists & record labels will take notice and visit Kpop College thereby increasing your chances of getting noticed! Students who participate in Team Thunder will move to the top of the list if record labels approach us asking for recommended students to check out.

Watch Kyungri's new mv: Drama
Send a "Team Thunder Tweet" to Kpop artist Kyungri from Nine Muses:

Hi Kyungri! @ICE_Gang I love your new mv - "Drama": I'm a student at: @KpopCollege #iTunes: 

Residence Hall

All students at Kpop College are encouraged to live on campus at their selected virtual Residence Halls in honor of their favorite Kpop group. Learn more today and start moving into your dorm room with your college roommates!

Learn Korean

Start learning Korean Language today from our Korean Teacher HanNa Kim. If you want to really "wow" the record labels, you'll need to be able to sing in Korean. Start your online college classes today!

Learn Kpop Dance

Are you struggling how to properly learn the new Kpop dance steps released by Kpop artists? Then look no further, you can learn your favorite dance moves from the professional Kpop Artist here!

225+ Kpop Groups

Are you looking for your favorite Kpop Artist and their confirmed social media links? Then look no further, Kpop College library has hundreds and hundreds of Kpop artists pages right at your fingertips. Just hover your mouse over the top menu that says List All Kpop Groups and scroll down the gigantic list. If you are a Kpop group and you like to be added please contact us.

Kpop Artist Test

Do you have the skills to become a future Kpop Artist? Then why not take the Kpop Artist exam here at Kpop College and see what you score. After you're finished with the exam you can let other students on campus know the results and also see their results too.

Start a New Group

Are you looking for others around your area to form a new popular Kpop cover girl group? Then stop by the Kpop College Forum's page and leave your message on the bulletin board where thousands of readers come to find new opportunities in their area. Or check out Kpop meetup groups page. Here is an example of Kpop group: 2KSQUAD

Personality Test

Have you ever wondered if you have a unique personality compared to other people in the world? Of the 16 different personality types which one are you? After you take the test, you can share your results on Kpop College and also find out which other students on campus match your personality!

Birthday Calendar

Do you share the same birthday as a famous Kpop Artist? Let other students on campus know when is your birthday so you're friends can send you a birthday wish and brighten up your day! 

Student Profile Page

When students enroll at our university, that is Kpop College they receive a free Student Profile Page. It's somewhat like Facebook. You can upload your student profile photo (highly recommended), let others know About you, leave your social media links (remember when answering the questions leave off the "http://www." in front of your sns pages. You can friend request other students on campus, you can upload your photos (like Kpop Selca photos, pet pictures, concert photos, etc), you can upload your YouTube cover performances, you can leave messages on your friend's wall, you can send internal private messages to your friend(s) using Kpop College mail system (just type in their name and if you are a friend their photo will show, keep typing for multiple friends on one message). As you can see you can do a whole lot here at Kpop College and it's all 100% Free! So enroll today and meet new like minded friends who love Kpop music, over 5,600 students already on campus!

Kpop Twitter Cafe

Don't spend all day typing in Kpop artist names to see what they're saying on Twitter. Instead just stop by Kpop College Kpop Twitter Cafe for your one stop place for all Kpop artist conversations! You can easily interact with them too just by clicking on their message. We have over 200 Kpop artist's official twitter accounts ready for you!

Kpop Artist Modeling

Learn some techniques used by Kpop Artist's when it comes to fashion modeling. If you become a future Kpop artist, the labels may ask you to also model for high end fashion clothes,  jewelry, magazines, TV commercials, etc. Visit the Kpop Artist Modeling center


Kpop College is constantly working with others out there with new collaboration projects. Take for example KBS in South Korea their TV program "A Song For You" in which Kpop College collaborated with to give our students to ask questions to Kpop artists on the TV show!

Kpop Games

Do you like playing games? Then try out Kpop College's popular gaming center where you can print out Kpop College puzzles and challenge your friends on who know's the most Kpop groups! Play other Kpop online games and watch new upcoming Kpop video games by Kpop artists!

Kpop Auditions

Kpop College is ranked by Google, Yahoo & Bing and others as #1 or #2 in the World for Kpop Auditions. We have countless number of resources for record labels in South Korea and around the world looking for new talented future Kpop artists. You'll find information on where to send in your audition material to the record labels. 

Locate Kpop Friends

Don't spend hours searching for like minded Kpop friends near you, instead stop by our Locater Kpop Friends directory where you can locate new Kpop friends by country!

Kpop Concerts

Are you wondering if your favorite Kpop artist or group is performing near you? Then check out our realtime #1 popular Kpop College's Kpop Concert Tour List. We are even featured directly in Google search engines too! You can find when you're favorite artist will be performing and where to get your tickets. Our Kpop Concert stadium is growing so large that we've even had collaborations from South Korea live streaming service AfreecaTV to give our students to watch the concerts live in South Korea right from their home computer in all parts of the globe!

Kpop News

Are you looking for late breaking Kpop News on your famous Kpop artists? Then check out our Kpop News Channel!

Kpop Albums

Are you looking for your favorite Kpop Albums to purchase on iTunes? Support the artist's that make you happy by picking up their latest track at our new Kpop iTunes Album page!

Kpop Statistics

For those investors out there wanting to know if the Kpop music industry is growing or not then check out our new Kpop Statistics page. 

Did you know that when Kpop College started back in 2011, the industry for Kpop music started to skyrocket! Can our university be attributed to helping the Kpop Hallyu wave take off in 2011? You can decide that! ;)

About Me

Students this is a great way to get to know a little more about each other. Visit our "About Me" page and let us know 25 Things about yourself. It's fun to read through the profiles, you might find another common interest that you share with another student on campus. Be sure to friend request other students too, don't wait for others, show your confidence. A Kpop artist is not timid, the record labels need to see you are outgoing and willing to be a leader!

Photo Gallery

Students if you have any Kpop Selca photos, Cute Pet Photos, Kpop Concert Photos, Traveling Photos be sure to post them in our Kpop College Photo Gallery

Send a friend request to Alena, a student here at Kpop College!

Suggestion Box

All students at Kpop College are welcome to participate in the Suggestion Box. It's a way for students to help mold, shape and design Kpop College into the world's most premier university on the planet. As Kpop College expands our global presence reaching over 5,600 students on the planet, our current rate of increase will take us over 10,000 students by the end of 2018! Although we stress, we're a non-accredited virtual only university for fun still. However, our current student enrollment surpasses 81% of the all the universities in the United States already! 

For accredited universities please visit: College Scorecard