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Copyright (c) 2015: Korean Teacher Han-Na Kim (김한나)

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Please take a moment to friend request and connect with our highly talented Korean Teacher, Administrator, Dean of Foreign Languages and South Korean Director Han-Na Kim. Be sure to follow her on her social media pages above too, she provides superior Korean language training videos for our students!


Midnight Pearls

Check out KpopCollege girl group, Midnight Pearls' Kpop performances on their page!


Breakthrough Challenge

Help Rania Cornelia win Facebook's Breakthrough Challenge scholarship of $250,000! Watch her video on Facebook, Like it, Share it, Leave comments from 10/31 - 11/09/16.

Watch Rania's 4Minute Kpop cover on stage performance.

Watch her video on YouTube.


The winner of the KPC CHALLENGE has been announced! Visit the Website to see who has won the hearts of the judges and will get to make their official online debut under KpopCollege!

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JYP Entertainment and Soompi Rising Legends contest is now taking place! The winner will go on to receive a one-on-one interview with a JYP talent scout and may advance as the next Kpop star! 

Let's help students at Kpop College who have advanced to the next round by VOTING FOR THEM!

KpopCollege has launched its very first Online K-Pop Entertainment called JunBi Entertainment!

Auditions are now open for students to apply! Visit the JUNBI ENTERTAINMENT WEBSITE for more information.

Wanna join a K-pop dance contest? Make your dance cover and send it to 1theK Twitter to get a chance to win the 9 Muses Dance Cover contest! 

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Don't miss this opportunity to audition for Kpop Star 6 Global Auditions on YouTube or in the locations noted above for Summer 2016! Learn how Kpop College will help promote 5 students in effort to help you get recognized and pass the auditions to go to South Korea to perform! The winner will get the opportunity to sign a contract with one of the large Record Labels in Korea!

Kpop College breaks yet another record as we are now surpassing $Billion dollar companies (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook) based on internet website traffic data compiled by Alexa. Visit the page below for more detail.

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