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Kpop College is an online non-accredited university. We are still in Phase I of our launch building our base around the globe at first. Once we secure enough investors it's our goal to pursue Phase II where we will construct a college campus on land for our students. But for now, just enjoy our online campus, meet new friends, have fun, learn about talented Kpop artists, learn Korean, dancing, singing and more! Scroll down the page to locate students in your home country. Students from all over the globe are attending our university!

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Health & Beauty

Everyone knows their Chronological Age, but do you know your real Biological Age?

Your biological age is a metric that calculates how healthy you appear to be. There many types of biomarkers, but if you're looking for a quick easy way to calculate your biological age then visit: What is my Biological Age? After you find out, leave a comment on our Kpop College forum page to let other students know how close it is to your Chronological Age. 

To be a Kpop Artist, Actress or Model you need to be in good healthy condition. Many Kpop artists work long hours to prepare for their onstage performance. Being healthy is a very important condition you must have. As a you grow older and age it becomes more difficult to compete with the younger rising artist, this is where you need to maximize your health condition so you can compete much longer. And when you grow even older you start showing signs of aging and becomes a point where you need to throw in the towel. But what if you could stay young for a much longer? Wouldn't it be wonderful to look and feel healthy in your later years when you turn 40's, 50's 60's... 90's, 100's...? Wouldn't you still love to dance, sing and perform on stage for the world with perfect health and beauty at that age? 

If so, then let's solve the World's Greatest Problem, by learning why humans age in the first place. With advanced technologies and ever increasing scientific knowledge, we are now at a point where we can actually repair accumulated molecular damage faster than it occurs. Not only can you strive to become a famous Kpop artist, but you can also help solve the World's Greatest Problem too!

Book Recommendation

Pick up your copy of Juvenescence written by Jim Mellon and Al Chabi. 

The book is packed with outstanding scientific insight in molecular engineering and how to improve your health and significantly extend your lifespan. 

Jim Mellon is a British billionaire businessman. He traveled around the world to talk to the top world renowned scientists on the new advances that have been made recently to improve one's health and thereby improve one's life span as a natural side effect. His prediction is that this field for longevity biotechnology will become the world's largest market. Everyone on the planet is going to want to stay healthy and look young even into their 100's and beyond. More years to chase and achieve your dreams of becoming future Kpop artist, actress or actor!