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Kpop Star 6 Auditions

Win autographed Kpop Albums, scroll down the page to learn more!

This is your chance to participate in the Global Kpop Star 6 competition held by YG, JYP and Antenna. 

The final season will air November 2016. There are 2 ways to apply as shown below. 

1) Visit Kpop Star 6, go to Global Auditions to sign up then make time to attend the auditions at the places denoted below. 

2) Visit Kpop Star 6, go YouTube Auditions to sign up then provide them the link to your performance on YouTube.

Global Kpop Star 6 Auditions will be held in: New York on 3 September 2016, LA on 3 September 2016, Boston on 7 September 2016, Seattle on 10 September 2016, San Francisco on 10 September 2016 and Sydney, Australia on 17 September 2016. 

Kpop College (Promotion Audition)

Kpop College will hold a "Promotion Audition" to help promote the Top 5 students in effort to assist them in passing the auditions to go to South Korea to perform. Note: we're not affiliated with Kpop Star 6 and have no direct way to increase your chances, however we will do our best to help promote the top 5 students with increased social media presence to get the word out about your abilities to become a Kpop star! Scroll down the page to learn more about this opportunity!!


Promoted Kpop Student for Kpop Star 6 auditions:


Please meet Kpop College's Kpop Star 6 promoted student, Allana Jones (QueenA).

She is from Ontario, Canada and she is 17 years old.

She completed the 5 assigned tasks to become Kpop Star 6 promoted student.

Follow QueenA on her social media pages:

Kpop College - Instagram - YouTube 


To enter your name into the Kpop College (Promotion Audition) for Kpop Star 6 please follow the instructions below:

1. Enroll at Kpop College to become a new student and receive your very own student profile page.

2. Submit your YouTube Audition link to Kpop Star 6.

3. Tell 3 of your cool friends about Kpop College on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and copy us on that message.

4. Post your Cover Performance in our Kpop College Kpop Star 6 Promotion Audition (post in this folder specifically).

5. Leave a message in our Kpop Star 6 Promotion Forums to let us know you've completed these 5 steps.

Tips to Win: Use Teamwork, Display Optimism, Show Perseverance, Present Great Skills & Shine with Style!!

Kpop College Students: Let's help make one of our students win Kpop Star 6 to go on to become a famous Kpop Artist!!

Good Luck to everyone, Kpop College


Win Kpop Star 6 (Autographed Albums)

Kpop Star 5 Winner: Lee Soo-jung

The winner of last year's Kpop Star 5 is Crystal Yi or otherwise known as Lee Soo-jung. After she captured the win, Antenna record label signed her on as a new Kpop artist. 

Lee Soo-jung: Wikipedia

Kpop College Student Posted Covers

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